PUW and ECPUW series

Superb Strain recovery and Abrasion resistance,
leading to great improvement of roller-life!


  1. Surface depression and strain quickly recovers to its original shape, allowing the same usability for a long period.
    Strain recovery property is 3 times higher than that of conventional materials.
  2. Excellent mechanical strength and abrasion resistance.
  3. Excellent oil, chemical, ozone and heat (120℃) resistance.
  4. Excellent water resistance and no degradation due to hydrolysis.

Improvement in roller-life by minimizing the rubber surface indentation

If a rotogravure impression roller or lamination roller is used for certain period of time, rubber surface indentation caused by the film edges remains.

Such surface indentations causes various problems such as insufficient print, air trap, uneven nipping because sufficient pressure cannot be applied.

Also, when a film of different width is passed through, rubber indentations may be transferred to the film.


Below data shows the strain of the roller surface of a conventional rubber and the PUW.


The data is based on a 200μm film pressed against the rubber surface for a certain period of time.

Strain recovery comparison demo (Movie)


  • Impression roller
  • Squeeze roller
  • Lamination roller
  • Chemical use

Product range

PUW series

Hardness: 55・65・70・80・90
Color: Green

ECPUW series <Antistatic>

Hardness: 65・70・80・90
Color: Green