Rubber coated winding core "e-CORE"

Saving of film loss by improving the rewinding roll quality!

e-CORE is a unique winding core which is covered with a soft and durable rubber. e-CORE offers reduction of the film overlapping marks that often transfers to a few hundred meters in the rewinding processes.


Why does film loss occur in rewinding processes?

When hard surface winding cores are used, the gap of the initial film layer cannot be absorbed, leaving a step mark on the second and subsequent film layers. Although this may vary greatly depending on the rewinding method, the type of film, and the quality specification of the product, the initial step mark may remain over several hundred meters from the start of the rewinding. As a countermeasure, the film manufacturers normally incorporate a loss equivalent into the product specification and produce more than necessary.


The overlapping gaps, wrinkles and folds generated in the initial film layer may cause over several hundred meters of rejects.


For example, when the required length is 10,000m, it is often produced in 10,200m, considering the loss of 200m.

"e-CORE" eliminates the overlapping marks and reduces film losses

In order to eliminate or reduce the film overlapping marks, "e-CORE" is covered with a rubber layer for the purpose of absorbing the overlapping gaps.



"e-CORE-RTS" is double-sided adhesive tape free

Normally, double-sided tapes are used for fixing the initial film layer onto the winding core.
However, such adhesive tape is also one of the causes of the overlapping mark issues even when very thin tapes of 10 μm or less are used.
In addition, such thin tapes are very troublesome to use because;

  1. applying the tape accurately requires a skill and time.
  2. removing the tape and cleaning the core surface after the process takes time and effort.
  3. Strong solvent is often used for cleaning but is not good for human health and environment.
  4. Hard scraper or grinding stone are sometimes used for tape removal but core is damaged quickly.

Our "e-Core-RTS"has a special surface treatment as a substitute for adhesive tapes. The advantages are;

  1. The treatment is not a coating but a reformulation of the rubber surface. No risk of peeling.
  2. No thickness gaps compared to those adhesive tapes because the treatment is not a coating.
  3. Very easy to clean and can be used repeatedly as long as the surface is cleaned with IPA or Ethanol.
  4. The adhesive in the vertical direction is very small and the adhesive in the winding direction is strong, the film once attached does not shift even though it is easy to reattach it.


Product range

e-CORE R <Applicable on Non-Heat resistant base cores>
  • Excellent strain recovery, which allows rewinding of different film width products repeatedly.
  • Will not contaminate the film since the extraction of the rubber chemicals are minimal.
  • Non-heat resistant core such as ABS, PP, PS can be used.
e-CORE RTS <Double-sided tape-free type>

In addition to the features of e-core R, a special surface treatment is applied so that the film can be attached and reattached easily without use of double-sided tapes.

e-CORE K <Standard rubber type>
  • NBR rubber is used for longer lifetime.
  • Applicable for heat resistant core only.
  • Double-sided tape-free treatment is not applicable.
e-Tube <Rubber tube with tape-free treatment>
  • e-CORE RTS equivalent rubber tube for fitting at the users by themselves.
  • Suitable for export since the transport cost is greatly saved.
  • For 6 inch core (Thickness 7 - 8 mm), Max length of 1200mm.