structured Roller

Solution for Film Coating, Laminating and Rewinding
by minimizing the roller deflection


Why Anti-deflection roller?

Generally, a deflection is always generated from the supported ends to the center of the roller.

This is caused by its self-weight and the pressure coming from the materials like films that are in contact with the roller. Such deflection often causes uneven nipping, resulting in various production failures such as film wrinkling, air entrapment, lamination & coating unevenness, loose winding, etc. Hence, minimizing the deflection is most important in solving such problems.

How does Anti-deflection structured roller work?

Anti-deflection roller has a special double-shell structure consisting of an outer shell and an inner shell. By moving the supporting points of the outer shell from the ends to the center, the deflection is suppressed and an uniform nipping can be achieved.

Having a short supporting distance suppresses the deflection.

Having a short supporting distance suppresses the deflection.

Comparison of the deflection amount

Comparison of the deflection amount


  • Nip roller
  • Touch / Contact roller
  • Lamination roller
  • Impression roller
  • Guide roller
  • Coating roller


Designing of the Anti-deflection roller

The design of the Anti-deflection rollers differs depending on the conditions and materials used by the customers. We will propose an optimum design according to the conditions. Contact us for further information.