Why us?

  • 1

    Roller manufacturing technology and an impressive track record cultivated over 120 years of business and experience

    • We have a proven track record with more than 3,000 customers in a wide range of industries both in Japan and overseas, including film, printing, steel, sanitary products, tape, next-generation batteries, and electronic components.
    • We manufacture custom-made rollers ranging from products small enough to fit in the palm of one’s hand all the way up to 10 meters.
    • We also supply OEM products to many of the world’s leading machinery and equipment manufacturers.
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    Offering comprehensive solutions from rubber compound design to roller core design and manufacturing

    • We have hundreds of original rubber compounds and materials that meet your specific needs.
    • Our roller cores are designed and manufactured using metal and carbon fiber materials.
    • We also help you speed up your production lines by introducing safety measures, reducing roller weights, and decreasing deflection.
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    New functionality added through special surface treatments and surface processing

    • Our products can reduce wrinkles and scratches on film, and prevent adhesion of paint, glue, and similar substances on rubber and metal cores.
    • We offer a variety of groove processing and patterning.
    • Friction reduction and mirror finishing is available for each type of rubber.
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    Providing roller maintenance services overseas

    • We have our own overseas factories as well as affiliate production facilities, with 28 manufacturing bases in 14 countries.
    • We offer our own original rubber recovery service and surface treatments both in Japan and overseas.
    • Both time and money are saved by not having to send rollers to Japan.
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    Offering safe, environmentally friendly products

    • Our rubber lineup passes food sanitation tests and conforms to the RoHS2 Directive.
    • Our products help to reduce defects caused by removing foreign substances from products, risks of fires caused by static electricity, and risks of defects during re-winding.